Dear Friends and Colleagues,

You have just received a ballot from the International Psychoanalytical Association to elect representatives from North America to the Board of the IPA. Please be sure to vote in this IPA election.

In the past, relatively few of our members have voted in IPA elections because the IPA has seemed in many ways distant from our own issues. I would like to emphasize that the role of the IPA is critical to the healthy flourishing and expansion of our profession across the world. The IPA defines the critical role of psychoanalysis in modern healthcare and indeed in our culture. It is vitally important that the voice and the experience of North American psychoanalysts be represented on the Board of the IPA.

In the past year, the IPA has gone through a difficult crisis that in many ways has distracted the organization from its critical role. It is for that reason that I have decided to run for the Board of the IPA. I was previously a member of the IPA House of Delegates and later played a major role on the committees that made considerable strides in democratizing the governance of the IPA.

I also chaired the committee that introduced the “Three Models of Education,” which created much greater flexibility in training, while preserving quality. This was the first official acceptance of different approaches to training in the history of the IPA.

However, the recent political crisis has made it clear that further evolution in the governance of the IPA is necessary in order to ensure its continued and proper functioning. I have therefore taken two important steps.

I have joined with other psychoanalysts to form a think tank to address the continuing challenge of IPA governance. (For more information about this new organization, please see

In addition, I have once again decided to run for the IPA Board.

Having had a prior term as President of the American Psychoanalytic Association, and currently holding the office of President-elect, I have had considerable experience in organizational governance. If I am elected, I will bring my experience to the table and work with colleagues in all regions to help bring about an effective and fair resolution of these problems in the IPA.

I ask for your vote in this very crucial IPA election. This is an important time for the IPA. Please be sure to let your voice be heard.

I would be very happy to talk with you by phone at 781-235-6211 or by e-mail at You may also see my position statement and CV at

Bob Pyles